Membership of the Apostolic Ministerial International Network is opened to all Ministers of the Gospel, Churches, Fellowships, Evangelistic Organizations, Missions, Missionaries, Gospel Musicians, and Elders/Deacons in the Church.


All those willing to be members or affiliate with the Apostolic Ministerial International Network will have to fulfill the form below and Pay the application fees. Individual membership fee of $50 as membership fee, Corporate Membership fee $150 and Affiliation fee $200.

1.   Upon reception of your application form, the Credentials Board and International Apostolic Council shall deliberate upon it and then.

2.   One shall then be called for interview after submitting the filled out Membership Forms either on phone or through Skype.

3.   The Credentials Board shall prayerfully and critically assess all information gathered on an applicant and either endorse or disapprove of an applicant. The Credentials Board shall communicate their decision to the prospective member after some few days.

4.   When endorsed or approved, one will be required to write an acceptance letter and accordingly pay a stipulated membership fee as required.

5.   When the acceptance letter and membership fee are received, one then is given the right of fellowship by inducting him/her into the Council at the very next General Council Meeting.

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