Benefits of (AMIN) Membership

Apostolic Ministerial International Network  (AMIN) exists to serve the pastors, local churches, and ministry leaders that make up (AMIN).The following are some of the benefits of membership in (AMIN):

·         Personal relationship with apostolic leadership for encouragement and mentoring upon request, regular visits from the apostolic team at your local church.

·         Committed relationships and fellowship with other like minded pastors.

·          Spiritual covering and protection

·         Ordination for new pastors or ministry leaders into the gospel ministry.

·         Empowerment for ministry, i.e. greater anointing, boldness, and release the spiritual gifts God has given each Pastor.

·          Accountability to apostolic oversight and to fellow pastors.

·         Cooperative missions and evangelistic endeavors with other churches.

·         A sense of identity and purpose in belonging to a network that has regional and global impact.

·         Resource materials available in many areas, e.g. education, worship, and cell ministry.

·         Five-fold leadership available for ministry such as presbytery, worship conferences, cell training, etc.
Yearly (AMIN) conferences and retreats to train, refresh, and build relationships.

·          A free Laptop to all Members who register and introduce nine (9) other ministers.                                  

·         Leadership to assist in church problems such as conflict resolution and reconciliation      .

·         Providing guidance and mentoring to all members.

·         Helping to establish many new Churches worldwide.

·         Providing support to Missions and Missionaries.

·         Being an integral part of the continuous outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

·         Co-operating with Governments and other Organizations in the fight against diseases, ignorance, poverty, drug abuse, alcoholism, peace and injustice worldwide.

·         Supporting financially and technically.

·         We also believe that everyone needs a place of accountability, support in prayer, Counseling and instruction from the Word of God. Many Ministers and Churches have had their Spiritual lives transformed or renewed. Like any Ecclesiastical body, the Ministry of our affiliate bodies ultimately measures how well we do our work. We have always strive to be a balanced, conservative full Gospel Faith Ministry.


Membership of the AMIN is opened to all Ministers of the Gospel, Churches, Fellowships, Evangelistic Organizations, Missions, Missionaries, Gospel Musicians, and Elders/Deacons in the Church.


All those willing to be members or affiliate with the AMIN will have to fulfill the form below:

1.   Upon reception of your application form, the Credentials Board shall deliberate upon it and Membership Forms shall be sent to you for a fee by email.

2.   One shall then be called for interview after submitting the filled out Membership Forms either on phone or through skype.

3.   The Credentials Board shall prayerfully and critically assess all information gathered on an applicant and either endorse or disapprove of an applicant. The Credentials Board shall communicate their decision to the prospective member after some few days.

4.   When endorsed or approved, one will be required to write an acceptance letter and accordingly pay a stipulated membership fee as required.

5.   When the acceptance letter and membership fee are received, one then is given the right of fellowship by inducting him/her into the Council at the very next General Council Meeting.


Thank you for contacting us. The Apostolic Council and Executive Members will take decision on your application during our next meeting. We will get back to you as soon as possible. God bless you and honor you.

Rev. Daniel Andrews Kumi-Ntreh


Accra, Ghana
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The Apostolic Leadership Roundtable with Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye is a unique opportunity for personal growth and ministry development. You will share valuable time with key leaders from across the nations of the world.

Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye has been in the forefront of equipping 21st century World-Changers, providing them the tools they need to become successful. Joined with Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye, one of the most “in-demand” leaders in Africa, they will cultivate in you a passion for growth.  Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye with over 10 years of ministry experience combined will share a wealth of wisdom and knowledge from their experience.

How Will We Reach Our Objectives?
It is our desire to provide:
  • An Environment for High Level Leadership Dialogue.
  • An Opportunity for Relationship Building with Key Leaders.
  • An Exchange of Strategic Ideas.
  • An Opportunity for Networking with other minsters worldwide.
Why Should I Join or Attend?
  • Strategic Steps to Increase Your Leadership Capacity and Ministry Influence.
  • Organizational Structures for Increase.
  • Learn How to Identify Your Primary Assets as a Leader.
  • Necessary Ingredients to Empower Your Support Team.
  • New, Creative Ideas During the Leadership Idea Exchange
  • IAC provide your return ticket for all AMIN International Events Worldwide.

Fees to Join Leadership Round Table is $1000 for life. For more Information: Please Contact


Attention to: Apostle Joseph Mihaye Kwaku


P. O Box AT 1528, Achimota – MKT, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233-242364747 / +233-264140278

Email: [email protected] 

South Africa


MOB. +27780224371

Email: [email protected]


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