Apostle Josoph Mihaye Kwaku
International President / Founder
Mob. +27780224371
Apostle Jonathan O. Mensah


Ambassador of Zion Ministry

Mob. +233 54 833 7018

Rev. Patrick Israel Obiye
International Vice-Chairman

Founder: Restoration Gate World Outreach Ministries
Mob. +233-244132293
Rev. George Tettey Kissei
National Organizer - Ghana Office

Founder: Restore Mandate and Deliverance Ministry - Ghana
Mob. +233249942113

Prophet Kojo Ankumah Michael D.

International General Secretary

General Overseer: Grace Mountain International

Mob. +233545680000

(Colours of Africa)
 Apostolic Ministerial  International Network - AMIN

This organization is an International Council of Churches and Five-Fold Ministers and is called Apostolic Ministerial International Network, is hereafter referred to as International Council of Churches and Five-Fold Ministers. The Council, AMIN for short, is an Association of Ministers of God, Churches and Lay-Workers.

The Council was established in Africa, Ghana through the effort and influence of Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye Kwaku, the Presiding President and Apostle General of the Council World-wide. The Council was incorporated officially in Ghana by Act 179 under the companies code as an N.G.O. with a registration number G28,408 to bring Ministers of God, Lay-Workers and Churches together and to operate as an Ecclesiastical non-profit Christian body through Ghana and the World. Currently, we have Churches and Ministers who are affiliated with us in most parts of Ghana, and in West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Asia, Europe and USA.

AMIN is a network of Pastors, Church Leaders, and Ministers of the Gospel, churches and anyone who wish to be in Church Leadership and have vision of extending the Kingdom of God. So any who have Leadership role in the Church can apply to be part. AMIN wish to extend, restored and reform the Church to the Apostolic Pattern of Christ Jesus by gathering the people and bringing them together as one nation one people, then extending the Kingdom of GOD with them Ezekiel 37: 1-28, Isaiah 11:1-14. We are all living stone into the Building and Christ HIM self the Chief conner stone of the Building, One Body  1Cor,12:12-26,.

AMIN (Apostolic Ministerial International Network) is there as a body to trained all the body of Christ to be equip and Mature to win the world for Christ.The training is for every Christian not only for AMIN members. After they are trained their life will be transformed, equipped and matured to be part of Leaders to preach the Apostolic word in the whole world, Acts 6 &7.

To fulfilled the great commission the church must be built on the foundation of the Apostles, there Apostle Joseph Mihaye has introduce Ministry on the Apostolic Foundation ( Eph. 2:20), known as Apostolic Ministerial International Network (AMIN).The mission and vision for this ministry is to build the church and ministers together on the Apostolic Foundation ( Eph. 2:20) of Christ Jesus.


The International Apostolic Council has a structure that ensures the proper classification of all Members relative their callings and gifting. This does facilitate fellowship and collaboration and allow the functionality of available gifts for the benefit of Members as it enables all to come up to their full potentials. Each Body stands on its own with its respective officers. Each body determines its own time, place and date for meeting and sets its own system of regulating the meeting. However, their concerns and consensus reached at meetings are all reported to the General Assembly and particularly to the General Assembly officers which is the Implementing Body of the Assembly.

The following are the classifications:

  • The Highest Governing Body is the General Assembly known as “Convocation or Synod”.
  • The International Executive Presbytery.
  • The House of Bishops
  • The House of Apostles
  • The House of Prophets
  • The House of Clergy



The General Authority Command Structure is as follows:

  • The Spiritual leader and President of the Council.
  • Chairman of the Apostolic Council.
  • Director for Membership/Protocol/Int’l Affairs.
  • Dean of the Council.
  • Chairman, House of Bishops and Apostles.
  • All Legal Representatives.



The principle upon which the International Apostolic Council hinges seeks to release people into reaching their desired end in finding fulfillment in their respective Ministries, hence; we have carved for ourselves an order that ensures achievement of that objective without necessarily short circuiting it. We have painstakingly therefore crafted the following rule of conduct in our Ecclesiastical Structure that regulates our respective Ministries in relation to the International Apostolic Council.

  • We do not advocate nor practice central control over our affiliate Churches and Ministers or members.
  • We recognize autonomy of our affiliate Churches; however, it is not an island and is expected to serve on unity of fellowship and to fulfill all laid down requirements.
  • We expect all our affiliate Churches, Ministers and Members to practice Sound Doctrine as   outlined in our Constitution.
  • We adhere strongly to Professional Ministerial ethics as relating to all Ministers and churches.
  • We expect all our affiliate Churches and Ministers to adhere to proper Administrative formation which is flexible in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ and able to be used by the Leadership of the Holy Spirit.