International Apostolic Council Of Churches and Five-fold Ministry.

Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye is a young dynamic and season preacher and a teacher of the word of God. He is a motivational speaker, a revivalist, a conference organizer for leaders etc. 

He is the Founder  of ADONAI Fire International Chapel in the capital City of Accra Ghana and Thohoyandou, Limpopo South Africa. He operate in the prophetic grace which has affected the lives of many souls in Ghana and other part of the world. 
Dr. Joseph Mihaye operates in the Fivefold Ministry, carries an extra-ordinary supernatural grace for the miraculous. He is a man of God who demonstrates the word of God in power even as he is he teaches because he believes that the kingdom of God is not only in words but in power. Apostle has traveled wide to many part of the world on Apostolic Missions including South Africa, Nigeria, Togo, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, Swaziland, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon and many part of Europe; Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands etc. 
His passion and mandate is to see many souls saved in this last day. His messages are centered on Holy Spirit, Hope, Faith, Salvation, Prayer, Order, Prosperity of God's children and strong relationship with Christ Jesus. 
He is also the Founder and President of  Apostolic Ministerial International Network (An International Council of Churches Worldwide) with more than 120 Churches and Pastors, Apostles, Bishops and Churches Leaders under him. 
He teaches and speaks at Revival, Conferences, Crusades, Summits with power and authority of the word of God. He is the Chancellor of Kingdom Excellent Leadership Institutes in Accra, Ghana, and In South Africa where Christian Leaders are empowered for the work of the ministry and CEO of Kingdom Excellent Consult. 
He holds a MTh. (Masters in Theology) from Kingdom Harvesters Christian University, ELKHART Indiana, USA  and Honorary Doctorate In Divinity (DD) from Apostolic Christian University College, South Africa and is a qualified Accountant and Auditor as a profession with ACCA Level 2. 
Dr. Joseph Mihaye is an Author of Christian books with three book into his accounts; The Seven levels to Effective Apostolic Ministry, The Battle of Success and The Power of Wisdom. 
Because of his leadership qualities and styles of leadership, World Council Independence Christian Churches (WCICC) has appointed him the Bishop in charge of Ghana and also a member the College of Bishops Worldwide of WCICC, 2015.

The ministry and main objectives:

The ministry is founded on biblical principles. It serves in the spirit of excellence with integrity and compassion for our community, our nation and our world. It has established a reputation for reaching the lost and broken heartered and to minister and serve them with the utmost level of dignity and respect. It recognized for dedication to academic and spiritual excellence and mentoring and supporting spiritual leaders. The Ministries environment inspires maximum participation, promotes personal satisfaction, and supports and molds effective leadership.

Greetings - Apostle Joseph Mihaye Kwaku

The Apostle's Prayer:      

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God of Mercy, I thank you for being my shelter, my strength. I thank you for the Blood of the Covenant. Thank you for pouring out Your anointing on me and saturating me in preparation of extending my soul to the dying and those drawn near death. God I am here to be used by You, because I am concerned about what You are concerned about. I am returning to the stronghold. I am determined to save and deliver souls to You for total deliverance, wholeness and salvation in Jesus name. Amen!!! .





The Vision for the JRALC.

In the year 2005 this vision was born in my heart by inspiration of ourLord Jesus Christ based on Ez. 37: 15-28, Acts 18:24-26. After a lot of Praying for this end time Church leadership and the Lord said to me, to unite “The Church” and “The Leadership” and mobilized the leaders of the churches for Revival move to nations at this end time. I have been ministering to the leadership of the church and training leaders for the work of the ministry. Over the period of time, I realized that most people in ministry and leadership have good intention, but majority lack wisdom, balance, networking, exposure and accuracy. Due to this realization and God inspires me to set up this platform for ministers and leaders to come together for:

  • Fellowship
  • Ministration
  • Impactation
  • Networking
  • Supporting each after calling & ministry

The Revolution Started in Ghana 2005 and Many other Africa countries and reached to Southern Africa in 2011 till today every year in March is held in South Africa.

 The Jesus Revolution Apostolic leadership Conference is the platform for fulfilling the Fourfold vision and it is structured by Apostolic Ministerial International Network, ITALY Chapter  will be hosting 2015 section which includes:

* A reaching section
* A revival prayer section for nations for mission
* Question and answers sections.
* An open house interaction & Network section

Apostolic Ministerial 
International Network

Apostolic Ministerial International Network is an International Apostolic Council of Churches and Five-Fold Ministry and is called Apostolic Ministerial International Network, is hereafter referred to as International Apostolic Council of Churches (IACC). The Council, AMIN for short, is an Association of Ministers of God, Churches and Lay-Workers.

The Council was established in Africa, Ghana through the effort and influence of Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye Kwaku, the Presiding President and Apostle General of the Council World-wide. The Council was incorporated officially in Ghana by Act 179 under the companies code as an N.G.O. with a registration number G28,408 to bring Ministers of God, Lay-Workers and Churches together and to operate as an Ecclesiastical non-profit Christian body through Ghana and the World. In 2012 we registered in South Africa with CIPC registrar of Companies in South Africa with a registration Number 2012/201903/12 and in 2014 got registered in UK with Company House with a registration No. 9348732 as Limited By Guarantee (Charity Organisation). Currently, we have Churches and Ministers who are affiliated with us in most parts of Ghana, and in West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Asia, Europe and USA.

Apostolic Ministerial International Network is a network of Pastors, Church Leaders, Ministers of the Gospel, churches and anyone who wish to be in Church Leadership and have vision of extending the Kingdom of God. So any who have Leadership role in the Church can apply to be part. Apostolic Ministerial International Network wish to extend, restored and reform the Church to the Apostolic Pattern of Christ Jesus by gathering the people and bringing them together as one nation one people, then extending the Kingdom of GOD with them Ezekiel 37: 1-28, Isaiah 11:1-14. We are all living stone into the Building and Christ HIM self the Chief Conner stone of the Building, One Body  1Cor,12:12-26,.

Apostolic Ministerial International Network is there as a body to train and equip the body of Christ to be Mature to win the lost sheep of the world for Christ.The training is for every Christian not only for Apostolic Ministerial International Network members. After they are trained their life will be transformed, equipped and matured to be part of Leaders to preach the Apostolic word in the whole world, Acts 6 &7.

To fulfilled the great commission the church must be built on the foundation of the Apostles, there Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye has introduce Ministry on the Apostolic Foundation ( Eph. 2:20), known as Apostolic Ministerial International Network. The mission and vision for this ministry is to build the church and ministers together on the Apostolic Foundation ( Eph. 2:20) of Christ Jesus.